About Remed Assistance

With an evergrowing expertise and experience since 1993, Remed Assistance operates in Turkey and all around the world to provide value added services to its clients from various sectors. The integrated service packages and tailor made solutions that Remed Assistance is offering are all aimed at responding the needs of ever-changing customer profiles and demands.

We organize effective services all around the world through our alarm centers located in Istanbul, Antalya and Cairo, the representative offices in Moscow and Bulgaria and with our partners within International Assistance Group.

Our Alarm Centers: Excellence in Operations

A key strength of Remed Assistance is its operational excellence. Its specialist multilingual case managers handle more than 100,000 cases a year. The three Remed Assistance alarm centers (Cairo, Istanbul and Antalya), all equipped with state of art technology and operational 24 hours/365 days, are capable of collaborating to support each other when necessary.

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Our Team

Remed Assistance's professional team of 125+ employees consists of medical doctors, nurses, case managers, claims managers, network managers, psychologists, lawyers, travel and IT professionals.

The team is supported with ongoing training and undergoes continuous performance evaluations. Their experience in the assistance, tourism and travel business, health and insurance sectors allow them to be more prepared, flexible, empathic and understanding to the needs of all parties.

Dr. Selçuk TİFTİK



Managing Director

Dr. Murat KEÇİK

Medical Director

Dr. Muslim ALİHAN

Managing Director

Dr. Nuri AZİZ

Managing Director

Mohamed ESSAM

Egypt Assistance Managing Director

Network: Quality and Efficiency

All service providers are regularly audited and rated for quality issues and the network is continuously improved by a dedicated network management team. Remed Assistance provides its services with exceptional speed and efficiency through a well-established and powerful network of doctors, hospitals, road and air ambulances, towing facilities, lawyers, and professionals from all related fields. For international operations, Remed Assistance operates through the extensive global networks of its partners and contracted collaborators.

Local Partners & Global Solutions

Remed Assistance is the Core Partner of the International Assistance Group which offers a global presence with more than 60 partners around the world providing a large range of assistance services, as emergency medical, health, travel safety and security, road side, home, legal and other assistance services. The alliance enables each organization to provide quality services worldwide and enhance its competitiveness all around the world. The cooperation within the group ensures all services are top level priority and handled with excellent care. Through this powerful network Remed Assistance can provide assistance services to its customers all over the world.


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